Home management of crown fractures of two central incisors complicated by exposure of the pulp

Published: 20 February 2019
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Aim: As dental trauma is an unpredictable event, the patient is sometimes unable to receive dental care immediately in case of tooth fracture complicated by exposure to the pulp. It is conceivable that a long wait may favor bacterial contamination that can lead to necrosis of the pulp. The aim of this paper is to present a clinical case in which the pulp has been protected domiciliary to reduce post-traumatic hypersensitivity and the risk of pulpal necrosis. Materials and methods: In the presented clinical case, the nail polish was used as an emergency material for the direct capping of the pulp of two fractured incisors. In thisway itwas possible to protect the pulp and seal the dentinal tubules for 5 days, such it is the time between trauma and therapy. Results: application of the nail polish led to a reduction in hypersensitivity; at 2-year follow-up both teeth were still vital. Conclusions: Based on this experience, it is suggested the possibility to recommend the use of nail polish as a protective material for the pulp and for reducing symptoms in case of complicated and uncomplicated fractures, if the dentist is consulted by telephone and the patient is not in condition to reach it quickly.

Boschini, L. (2019). Home management of crown fractures of two central incisors complicated by exposure of the pulp. Giornale Italiano Di Endodonzia, 32(2), 76–79. https://doi.org/10.32067/gie.2018.32.02.06


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